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Bud E. Barney Scholarship Page!

Scholarship Application Information

Recipient selection will be based upon, but not limited to, the Masonic ideals of hard work, a desire for personal development, dedication to our nation’s historic values, a strong personal faith, and respect for others and a strong desire for further learning. And he/she must enroll in a nationally accredit-ed institution of higher learning*.

We are not seeking candidates with an exemplary scholastic achievement record alone, but those of substance that are self-driven, hard working, generally high achievers, and exhibit strong moral and family values exemplified by the following criteria:

  • Criteria

    • Belief in a higher power
    • Knowledge and appreciation of our country’s history and culture
    • An exemplary academic record as evidenced by a grade transcript/counselor report and teacher/counselor recommendations
    • Good citizenship as evidenced by active participation in school and community organizations/li>

    Applicants will be required to submit the following information postmarked no later than March 30th

    • The completed formal application, with any attachments
    • A current official grade transcript/counselor report
    • Evidence, if any, of a direct or indirect Masonic family member relationship**
    • Selected candidates will be informed as such and scheduled for an in-person interview to be conducted by the Scholarship Committee at the Vero Beach Lodge located at the SW corner of 14th Ave and SR60 East, 1959 14th Ave Vero Beach, Florida.
    • The scholarship winners will be notified prior to their respective school’s Scholarship/Awards Night, they will be expected to attend a lodge dinner in their honor at our lodge, and their parent or parents/guardians, etc., are also expected to attend.
    • It is to be understood by the scholarship winners that the scholarship funds will only be used for their tuition and books at the college/school of their choice.

    *- Must be accredited by the Southern States Association of Universities and Colleges

    ** – A Masonic relationship may be an advantage but is not a requirement